Recommended PHP Versions And Resources And How To Set Them

We develop only premium themes, which means that they are a bit more demanding on the resources than your average basic theme. This is why we recommend using PHP 7.2 or higher, due to its improved performance which can run heavier themes more smoothly.

You can find an in-depth explanation of all the new features PHP 7 brings as well as instructions on how to upgrade to this version here.

You can also ask your hosting provider to check and upgrade your PHP version for you.

Another important thing to note are PHP resources required for running our themes.

We recommend setting your (master) resources as follows:


This is also something that you can ask your hosting provider to do for you.

You can also check on your resources using this plugin.

After you download and install this plugin, navigate to Dashboard > WP-Serverinfo


After this, click Display PHP information.


Now you’ll be able to look at your resources and see their local and master values listed.


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